Wednesday, August 08, 2007

...One to Go

Tonight was Drew's school orientation. The schools are set up kind of strange here. Pre-K thru 1st grade goes to one elementary school, and 2nd thru 4th goes to another elementary school. Those are the only two on-base schools. All the secondary schools are in the nearby town.
In a different turn of events tonight, instead of us telling the teacher how gifted and advanced our children are (because my 6 year old IS reading Harry Potter 1, after all!) the teacher told the parents how accelerated our fabulous children are. Apparently this one 1st grade classroom has been set up with all the advanced first graders in the school. They were recommended as "advanced" by either their kindergarten teacher, or the school counselor last year. Thus proving that I'm not the only one who sees just how *bright* Drew really is.
And of course my mom knew it all along as she proudly exclaimed, "See, I told you he was a genius! Didn't I tell you years ago that Drew would be our genius?!"
Yes, Mom. You told me.
This class will progress faster than the other first grade classes, they will have more advanced work and they will not go by the same cirriculum. All of that also results in more homework, and more of Drew trying his hardest to sit still and pay attention. The latter of which will be, again, our biggest obstacle this year. At the very least this faster pace won't give him much time to mess around in class as much as he did in kindergarten. And at the most, he'll be challenged every day without much time to get bored and antsy. (I think I just said the same thing twice.)
The new teacher seems very energetic and up to the challenge of a classroom full of "know it all" first graders. I sure hope so, and let her answer a few of Drew's 500 questions a day!


Kim said...

Wow! Congrats Drew! You have every reason to be one proud momma!

Anonymous said...

You should always listen to your mom Peggie. Don't you know that yet?
Congrats Drew.

Amber said...

Sounds like it went well! Your kids are so smart!