Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One down...

Tonight we had Louisa's school orientation. First, the fact that I even have a child going into 4th grade makes me feel old! Second, really, how do I have a kid going into 4th grade?!
We met her teacher who is an extremely nice young thing with four kids of her own and a hubby deployed to Iraq. One thing (one of the very few) that I like about these on base schools is that so many of the teachers go through exactly what the parents and the kids go through. A lot of them have spouses in the military, they know the deal. It's nice to have that extra person who can relate to you and your kids because they have experienced military life first hand.
After the teacher gave us the run-down on her cirriculum and teaching style a long line formed to talk to her, give her the papers we filled out, and in general suck up and brag about the kids. Louisa is gifted. Not a prodigy, but gifted. Last year when we first arrived to this school district she tested "gifted status" for the State of Louisiana. When she started testing there were 5 other kids with her. It was a series of 3 tests. You had to pass one to move on to the next. When she finished testing there was just her left. Last year in third grade at her school there were 4 kids in her G&T class. Only 4 kids of ALL the 3rd graders at her school. So tonight, as we're waiting to talk to Mrs. 4th Grade Teacher, every parent in line is telling her their child is "gifted", "accelerated", "above average", etc... So my question is, if there are so many gifted kids, why were there only 4 in the G&T class last year? Husband thinks that makes me sound snobby. Maybe it does. We ALL want our kids to be "above average" in some way or another. I would love to "claim" that Drew is gifted as well, but it's not my call. The school district is going to have him tested this year, but until he is, we can't say either way. Although I do like to brag that he has started to read the first Harry Potter book and he's only going into 1st grade!
So maybe I am a tad snobby. I'm just very proud of my daughter and her accomplishments. Being gifted isn't always what it's cracked up to be. It means more homework, and more is expected of you. I know she's got a long road to travel and I hope to make it as smooth as possible.


Kim said...

You are not snobby, you are PROUD! There is a difference!

That is one reason why I was glad I was not in G&T in school... I hated homework! LOL

Anonymous said...

Daisy is snobby? Doesn't seem to go together. Daisies are beautiful beings that are proud of their children.
Louisa you should be proud of yourself, too.