Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gerald McBoing Boing

I always knew that Gerald McBoing Boing was a Dr. Suess book, but I did not know that he also starred with Mr. Magoo *and* won an Oscar! Click here to see the original cartoon. I guess I'm not really hip to 50's cartoons.
If you don't know, Gerald McBoing Boing is a little boy who makes noises instead of using words. It takes his parents a little while, but eventually they are proud of their son and his noise making talents.
Hunter is the new Gerald McBoing Boing. He says a few words here and there like Dada (more than Mama!), kitty, Disney (yes, really!), shoes, foot (which he says "put"), ball, more (which he thinks means "milk"), and a few other random words here and there. He knows how to ask for things, like when he brings me the Cars DVD and then points at the DVD player, or when he brings me his shoes and points at his feet. But Hunter's best way of communicating is making noises.
When we drive past a train, he yells, "Choo choo!" Or if we're looking at animals, he'll say whatever noise they make. He's not much interested in learning their names, he just wants to quack, moo, meow, or make monkey noises. He really knows a lot of noises. He makes car noises when we get in the car, or airplane noises (complete with arms spread out for wings) when we see an airplane. I don't really mind it much, and people usually look at us with a smile in the store when he's making all his silly noises.
I was a little worried at first because when Drew and Louisa both turned two, they had very large vocabularies. I was always so proud at just how much they could say. Most of that due to the fact that we read a lot of books, and I point at everything and say it's name. This time around with Hunter, I don't know, maybe I didn't read enough. Maybe I made more noises than actually telling him the name. I do know that I don't make him ask for things like I should. He pats my knee, gives me his cup, points to the kitchen, and I get up and get him some milk. Bad Mommy! I should make him ask me. I make it too easy for him to get stuff out of me. I have made him start calling me Mama, though. He can say Da, or Dada, just fine when he wants his Daddy, he should be able to say Mama instead of patting my knee all the time. So at least that has gotten better.
I love his noises and I'm not quite so worried right now. I think he'll adjust sooner or later. I just need to start making him ask for things, and focus on telling him the names of things more often.

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