Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Last Day With a One Year Old

This is me exactly TWO years ago to the day
In this picture, I am about to go to bed. When I wake up I will go to the hospital and have my sweet little Hunter. My smile could probably be a little bigger considering I am going to have a baby in less than 12 hours, but I was going to be induced, and not really knowing what to expect, I was a little scared.
Hunter was only one day late, but since I was *SO* big, the doctor didn't see any point in waiting. On August 11, my due date, when I still hadn't popped, the doc said, "Let's have this baby tomorrow".
Um, **gulp**, Okay.
Two years later, and I just realized this morning that today is my LAST day with a one-year-old baby. Tomorrow, he will be two, and no longer my baby. Off to toddler-dom we go. A little sad. Just a little.
I am blessed *beyond* words with my 3 happy, healthy kids. I'm sure, like most parents of healthy kids, I take it for granted. I have days when I really want another baby more than anything. I have days when I am sad that they are growing up at this lightning speed. And I have days when I realize what I have, get down on my knees and thank the One who gave it all to me.
Good-Night my baby One-Year-Old! See you when you're Two!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hunter. Peggie I'll soon have a toddler too. Boy were you big BTW!