Monday, August 20, 2007

*sigh* Now I'm a Soccer Mom

I know I should always be happy with positive choices my kids make, like playing sports over playing video games. But soccer?! It's just so boring to me! Although I know plenty of people who fall asleep during a softball game, which I find exciting.
So, Louisa started soccer tonight. She's played with friends many times, but this is her first time on a team. She was actually better than some of the kids who claim they've played for several years.
The coach gets to choose how often, and when we practice. In this heat, he decided that only two times a week would be good enough. He wanted to meet on Mondays and Wednesdays to practice, and then games start in a month. Well of course several parents couldn't do one or the other day. I didn't want to be picky, or make a fuss, but we really did want to go to Awana on Wednesday nights this year. We started out in Awana in Wisconsin at our old church last year, but didn't finish it once we moved down here. The kids missed it and wanted to sign up again. A few other moms mentioned they were signed up for Awana as well, so Wednesday wouldn't work. The coach asked the main guy in charge of it all what we should do. He said, "Well, we're in the Bible Belt down here. If these ladies need to take their kids to church on Wednesday, then just move the practice to Thursday!" Simple as that.
Nope. Not simple. Other moms have Scouts on Thursday. Well, ya can't keep everyone happy. The guy in charge did say they were going to form two more teams because some of the teams were too big. That means we can still do some adjusting to make most people happy.
And now I really *have* to sign the kids up for Awana! No excuses!

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scrapperjen said...

Soccer - cool! Go Louisa! Hey, there Soccer Mom... :)
Hope things go well!