Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grrr.... people annoy me sometimes!

Yes, I know, I'm a horrible procrastinator. One of the officially elected "Queens of Procrastination"! The dining room isn't quite done, and as I'm going through it, it wasn't all that bad. You know how you always anticipate things to be worse than they really are? It's just a lot of craft projects and school papers, stuff to "organize". The kids have only been in school for a week, but *wow* paperwork from two kids piles up fast! So, I'm working on it. I promise!! (with a little nagging from Husband who is now home safe and sound from 18 days of training in the field)
Now, I have to complain for a minute because I'm so steamin' mad. Louisa has been in Girl Scouts since the Kindergarten Daisy days. Which, by the way, if you have a little girl in kindergarten, sign her up for Daisy's! You'll thank yourself later! (and so will she!) Back to Louisa. The troop we were a part of in Wisconsin was fun. The leader was always making sure the girls kept busy, had fun, and learned what Girl Scouts was all about.
In Wisconsin we also were a part of Awana, which is a nation wide church based bible study for kids. They typically meet on Wednesday nights. I wanted to get the kids involved in Awana down here, too, but when we finally got assigned to a troop the local GS council told me there was only one troop that had 3rd grade Brownies in it. Conveniently they met at 6:00 on Wednesday. Same time as Awana. The kids said they were fine with not finishing out Awana last year.
We had several issues with Louisa's new Brownie leader not calling and notifying me of changed meetings, times, and locations. I was given a calendar, and much of it ended up being changed and the leader not letting me know. Therefore, Louisa missed out on a lot and blamed me for it. I made sure, more than once, that her leader had my correct phone number. Kindly telling her that Louisa was missing out on activities and I'd appreciate a phone call when things were changed. Also, I found out from a mom of a little girl in Louisa's class that there was indeed another 3rd grade troop who was meeting on Saturdays, and she knew this because her daughter was in it! Huh! Interesting. (can you see my blood boiling?!)
End of the year comes, Louisa bridges to Junior Girl Scouts. The leader tells me that there is a really active Junior leader who meets on Wednesday nights and Louisa would do great with that group. At the time I didn't think about it and said, "Oh, Great!" Anything to get away from this stellar Brownie troop.
Summer comes, and the biggest event the girls had to look forward to all year was a trip to the Johnson Space Center in Houston to spend the night. They earned the money for this by selling GS cookies (that some of you bought from us!) The week before the trip is here and no call from the Brownie leader. I call her on a Tuesday and leave a message with her husband. No call back. I call her again on Thursday (the trip is on Saturday) and leave an urgent message on her voice mail complete with correct phone number. No call back. Louisa didn't get to go to the Space Center and she cried and cried. It's one thing when a parent lets their child down, but don't anyone else EVER hurt my children. This lady is now on my Shit List.
We advance to this week where we get a note from school saying that it's sign up time for both Cub Scouts (which Drew has been waiting for forever!) and Girl Scouts. We sign Drew up for Cub Scouts, more specifically Tiger Scouts, and the go to the Junior GS table for Louisa. I have totally forgotten about the Wednesday night troop that the Brownie leader had told me about. I signed her up for Saturday because we were for sure doing Awana this year on Wednesday.
Yesterday I get a call from who else? The fabulous Brownie leader. She asks if "Margaret" is home. Yes, that's me. Then I see, or rather *hear* a light bulb go on in this woman's head. "Ohhhh....., are you Louisa's mom?" Yes. "I tried to get ahold of you this summer, but I was calling some Wisconsin number that had been disconnected. I'm sorry!"
I wanted to jump through the phone and break this woman's light bulb. Did she have any clue how many times I gave her my correct cell phone number since Louisa first joined her troop? And how did she get my old Wisconsin house phone number anyway? From GS records? I filled out new paperwork when Louisa transferred troops with my correct current cell phone number on it. Why would she go off of OLD records? And why did she ignore my phone calls in the summer? I identified myself as "Louisa's mom" every single time. Grrr!!!! ARGH!!!!!!
Ok, the phone call. She told me that she had a Junior troop for Louisa this year and it meets on Wednesday nights. I said, thanks, but we already signed her up for Saturday because we are joining Awana this year on Wednesday. She gave me a disappointed, "Oh", and explained that the troop on Wednesday is much smaller and much more active and would suit Louisa better because she's more mature than many of the other first time Juniors. I didn't care. I was mad. I said we're joining Awana this year, thank you, good-bye.
Last night we went to what I was told was Awana registration. Nope. It was the first night of Awana, registration was weeks ago (I was told by a snotty lady) and there was no room left. So I start to storm out (yes, of a church) with a screaming toddler on my hip, and several people staring at me like I must be pinching him for him to scream like that. Never mind that he was starving and tired and had just worked himself up into fit of rage. All by himself. No pinching needed. A much nicer lady chased me down, sensing my frustration, and took my name and number in case anyone drops out. I explained that we had been in Awana for years, that the kids missed out last year and I didn't want them to miss out again, and that I had gotten an email from my FRG saying that tonight was registration. At least her pity was better than the snotty attitude from the first lady.
Now I'm thinking maybe I should just let Louisa be in the Wednesday night Junior troop. The kids have so many sports, scouts and other extra-circulars throughout the school year. We can technically work on Awana at home. I am a trained leader after all! And we have the books. Louisa would benefit from an active GS troop. She loves adventure and she's very independent.
I'm still annoyed with last year's Brownie leader. She handled herself poorly and let down a little girl who was counting on her. *My* little girl, no less.
And now it's back to the dining room. Think of all that time I wasted by typing this up, proof-reading it, editing it, and re-reading because I know I rambled too much and had to delete a lot of what I typed.
Pictures of a clean dining room to come! No promises of when this time, though! And thanks for all the support. I'm glad I'm not in this "clutter kingdom" alone!


Anonymous said...

Peggie, I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this. I'm glad that a nice lady came after you though. How do you have too many for Awana? I've never heard of such a thing before. Can't wait to see what your dining room looks like uncluttered.

Sandy said...

Whoah! Ok, I'm so itching to come down there and let in to someone. Poor Louisa. Poor Mom!

I'm marveling, like Jenn, that Awana can fill up! Doesn't it seem counterproductive to cap the number of kids that can participate? UGh!