Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hunter!

Yesterday was the big day for Hunter. Although Daddy wasn't here to help celebrate, we had a nice day. Of course, after all the excitement and junk food, our big Two-year-old is a bit crabby today.
We started off the day by picking up our friends Lucilla and Ethan and driving to the Big City for some Chuck E Cheese fun. Ethan's daddy works with our daddy and they live a block away from us. Lucilla is about 8 months pregnant with baby boy number two.
Each of the kids got 40 tokens (thanks to some awesome coupons I had) and Hunter insisted on using most of his to punch the duckies in the ducky punch game.
Drew found out just how strong he is... several times. And amazingly it went all the way to 10 every time. Although when I punched it the lights only went to 8, so he is way stronger than me!
Louisa helped Hunter ride the jetski. Notice how Hunter isn't paying attention? He's looking at the ducky punch game! (and yes, my kids actually do wear camouflage clothes a lot!)
After we got back home, the birthday boy needed a little nap. Unfortunatly so did mommy, and we both slept till 7:00! I wrapped the presents quick and Hunter unwrapped them quick.
He totally dug the little puppy vacuum that Louisa picked out for him. He's been vacuuming my house all day. Now only if it really worked, we'd be in business!
We sing Happy Birthday, we eat a little cake, watch a little Nemo, and head to bed after a wonderful birthday celebration.

Hunter pauses for a second as he heads to bed, looks around, looks at me, says "Da?". No baby, no Da tonight. He'll be home in a few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Peggie, my heart just broke for you. How hard it's got to be not to have da, there all the time. You are such a strong courageous woman. I admire you. Hunter, Happy Birthday a few days late (I wished you one on Cafemom on your birthday, though). Looks like you had a great birthday and mommy really knows how to have you enjoy that birthday.