Friday, July 14, 2006

Did You Know That You Can't Pick Your Nose In Class?

Apparently, there is an actual rule that you cannot pick your nose in class. Or, at least not in Drew's summer school class. When I asked him if he was the culprit he sheepishly smiled and said, "No, um.... I think it was...... Zurich!" Okay! I know that devilish little grin well. Probably means, Yup! It was me!

As I picked Drew up from summer school this morning I watched how he interacted with the other kids. I noticed something strange that all the preschool age kids seemed to be doing. They would walk up to someone and say HI, and then make an obvious statement about what they were doing. For example, a little boy said to Drew, "Hi Andrew!", to which Drew replied, "Hi! I'm eating my necklace!" (made from yarn and froot loops). So he said HI, then stated the obvious. I watched a little longer and noticed that most of the kids had this same type of interaction with each other.
Now I wonder what it would be like if adults talked that way. You're walking the dog and you see your neighbor in the front yard weeding the flower bed. You say, "Hi, Sue! I'm walking the dog!" and then Sue says, "Hi, Jill, I'm weeding the flowers!" (as if it's not obvious)
Next neighbor, "Hi, Sally, I'm walking the dog!" to which Sally replies, "Hi, Jill, I'm washing the car!" (again, totally obvious)
You keep on walking down the street and come upon your less desirable neighbor, the one you hope sells her house really soon! "Hi, Donna, I'm walking the dog!" she replies, "Hi, Jill, I just got done boinking your husband!" (ok, in this case, not really obvious, but at least you know and you're not kept in the dark anymore!)
So, this is what our lives would be like if we talked like a preschooler.
And don't forget, no picking your nose in class! At least, don't get caught!!!


Anna said...

Hi Chaos Mommy I'm commenting on your blog!
Hey Chaos Mommy, I'm feeling like an idiot!

Amber said...

Ya know, I had a similar conversation with my father in law, we where out to eat and there was a person waiting on us, who just stated to obvious over and over, He said that in his world travels he has noticed that certain cultures seem to be prone to stating the obvious(not everyone in that culture, but it sticks out in certain cultures more then others), he was curious to why that was, I have no idea! Maybe now I know... they just still have a bit of that wonderful childlike spirit in them!

Chaos Mommy said...

That's an interesting concept, Amber! A much more positive one than what I came up with! You're more of an optimist than I am I guess ;)