Friday, July 28, 2006

What Happened to "Mommy"?

Did you notice the point in time when your kids stopped calling you "Mommy"? Recently, I realized that the two older kids don't call me mommy anymore. When did that happen?
I would guess this is all a part of that whole growing-up thing they have to do. But let me tell you, I don't like it! I love the sound of those little voices saying, "Mommy!" Now all I get is a plain old, "Mom". I guess I should be grateful that I have three little munchkins of my own to call me anything at all. So, here's me being grateful... I miss being called Mommy!

Since I'm being so grateful, I'm also wondering where in this parent's handbook, that they mistakenly forgot to give me at the hospital (a mere oversight, I'm sure, it's probably in the mail as we speak), is it written that you will feel a very big stone in your gut as you watch your little ones grow? And that after time that stone will start to get heavier and heavier as you see your children pass through milestone after milestone knowing there is no turning back. There's also the pain in your heart that the handbook forgot to mention. The pain when you see your 5 year old skip off to kindergarten on his first day without looking back. The pain when your 8 year old tells you she doesn't need you to walk her up to ballet class anymore because she's a big girl.

My nephew is 11 now. I've been there since day one with him. Literally, I was in the delivery room when he was born. And now I see this kid, who is the same height as me and quickly growing taller (his dad is 6'4" so I don't think there is an end in sight!) When did this little boy who I used to babysit and was always so happy to see Auntie Peg grow up? I don't remember. And it seems all of a sudden to me. I see this kid all the time, but here he is, voice getting deeper, signs of facial hair showing... Where did my little Andrew go?!

Back to my kids, my husband feels blessed with his two boys and one girl. One boy to play football and baseball, one boy to wrestle and play rugby, and one girl so there's only one wedding to pay for! But to me, I see three little kids who will grow up and leave me all by myself. Sure I'll have my husband, but it's not the same!

Right now they are at the age where they like to be with me. They like to have "mom" around. I can go places with them and their friends and they aren't embarrased of me. They give me hugs and kisses all the time. I like this stage! I think we'll stay here for awhile. And I do still have a baby, so I get to drag this out awhile longer. Who knows, maybe we can talk daddy into baby number 4 and drag it out even longer!


Sandy said...

It's amazing how much a little thing can have such a big impact. I felt a stab of remorse when my youngest moved from "Mama" to "Mommy." My 4 year old sometimes drops "Mommy" for "Mom." It sounds so forgein to me. I can only imagine being where you are today.

Amber said...

You are making me tear up! Cale still says Mommy, but I am sure mom isn't around the corner! You work on baby number 4 and I will work on baby number 3... maybe in a few years we will both be expecting again! :)

Lori said...

I remember when my kids tried to go from mom to mommy. I just didn't allow it. It doesn't mean the end of needing you though. I think they need me as much in these high school years as when they were babies. I know it's sad, but every stage brings with it new joys. It's not easy watching them grow up, but it is wonderful.

Lori said...

OK, I meant go from mommy to mom.

bamatoni said...

Love this story, Peggie. You know, I can remember when I wanted to make the change myself...from calling MY mom, "mommy" and to calling her "mom" because "mommy" was so babyish (I thought). It was a hard transition and I reverted often. I agree with lori when she said that "I think they need me as much in these high school years as when they were babies."

I think the high schoolers need you as much or more but you have to read between the lines. And, my adult children don't need me as often but there are times when they just need to have Mom listen!

Love your way with words...especially the comment about the hospital's oversight :-)

Heather said...

Yeah, I know what you're talking about. I had to go bra shopping with my oldest the other day, and it freaked me out.

Chaos Mommy said...

There's another stage I'm not looking forward to! :D