Friday, July 07, 2006

Something Just Occured to Me...

I am supposed to be packing for a trip up north to my inlaws, but am I? NOPE!!! Queen of Procrastination here! Very proud of that title, thank you very much!
So as I half heartedly begin packing, a thought occurs to me. Yes, a thought! I do get them once in awhile! When this thought jumped in to my head I, of course, immediately ran to the computer to write it down! Hunter is sitting next to me, eating cookies off the floor for breakfast. Hey, do I know how to let my kids have fun or what?!!
So, back to this thought. Whenever I go visit my inlaws, there is always the inevitable conversation of my sister in law. She has turned her back on the family and doesn't really seem to care who she hurt by doing it. Now, it's really got to make you think, what did this family to do to her that was so wrong that she would turn her back on everyone and not look back?
Then my big thought, how do I keep my kids from doing that to me? How do I ensure that my children will always want to come back home? How do I cement in their heads that anything is fixable and turning away from the entire family is just plain wrong? Nothing is so bad that a few sincere "I'm sorry's", and some beer can't make all better.
My love for my kids is beyond explanation and anyone who has kids knows what I'm talking about. What happens if one of those kids hates you enough to never want to see you again? Why am I putting in all this time and energy raising them just so they can throw it all back in my face someday?
All these questions keep circulating in my head and I don't know the answer and I don't know how to make them stop. The one thing I do know is that I teach my kids to be friends as well as siblings. I let them know they can come to me to talk about anything. I try to be loving and open so that they always feel comfortable around me. The kids and I talk about everything from their school day to more important issues like just exactly how Drake and Josh are related.
So, as the baby sits next to me screaming his head off, and I keep telling him to can it, I'll leave with this big thought. I don't know the answers to my questions, but I'm pretty sure if I keep doing what I'm doing, we'll be fine!
**And note to sister in law: What goes around, ALWAYS comes around!


Anna said...

My totally amazing and extremely wise mother once said to me, that being the "grown up" means you have to be the one to say sorry first, especially when it's not your fault! When you have kids, your always the grown up, even when their 60. Saying sorry or reaching our first doesn't hurt and leaves the "child" feeling safe and accepted, even when they do something stupid, the grace you give them helps them be able to admit their wrong.She said that that's the secret to having your kids in your life forever. She must known something! I live 2 blocks from her house and consider her to be my very best friend!

Chaos Mommy said...

You are lucky, Anna, to have such a wise, and loving mother!
There is proof of 3 generations of great women in your family with your mother, you and your girls!