Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm On a Mission!

Once in awhile something comes along and you just want to do everything you can to help. Well, this is my way of helping Sydnie. I have a little Stat Counter at the bottom of my blog that I can check to see how many hits I've had. In the past few days I've had hundreds of hits. Well, that is a lot for my humble little site! But I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who logged on and told someone else about it. Through word of mouth, Sydnie's picture and story are getting out there.

Sydnie's hair is starting fall out from her treatment. Her father and brothers have all shaved their heads for her to help her feel better! She's being very brave!
The rummage sale at my mom's work is a huge success! But we all know it's not going to be enough. How wonderful to have SO many people rally around when someone is in need.
So thank you to everyone at Kindred Hospital in Milwaukee for volunteering and supporting Sydnie's family.

Your continued support and prayers are appreciated, and keep telling people about Sydnie.

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