Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Drew-isms: Part 1

Sometimes my 5 year old Drew says these things that just CRACK ME UP!!!!! So I started writing them down for no other purpose than to post them here and hopefully humiliate him someday with the knowledge that all of his embarassing childhood mistakes were posted on the internet! So, without further ado.... Drew-isms:

1) While listening to the Alan Jackson song "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" on the radio:
"I love this Jimmy Muffin guy!"

2) "Mom, I have a date tonight"
Me: Ok, with who?
"Well, you KNOW I have a girlfriend"
Me: Yes, I know. Where are you taking her on your date?
"Mom (rolls eyes) ALL girls want to go to Chucky Cheese when they go on dates! Don't you know that?"

3) Refering to the nose picking incident (please see: Did You Know That You Can't Pick Your Nose In Class? ) Drew said "Mom, I wish you could come talk to my (summer school) teacher."
Me: Why?
"Because then you could ask her if I was really the one picking my nose. Cause it wasn't me! It really was Zurich!"
(Still placing the blame on someone else! LOL!!)

4) Drew told me he had picked names for his children. He has one boy name and one girl name. The girl's name will be Beautiful Rainbow, and the boy's name will be Rockstar Andrew. When I asked why he picked Rockstar Andrew, he replied that it was because then his son could be a rockstar, or any other job he wantd would go good with that name, too. Then Drew asked me if he should change it to Andrew Rockstar instead. I told him whatever he wanted. So, sorry grandson, your name will be Rockstar Andrew! But at least your sister Beautiful Rainbow will be equally as humilated because with our last name she'll be a Beautiful Rainbow Brott! (anyone hungry for sausages?)

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