Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day, All the Wonderful Things I Do For My Dad!

It's Father's Day and we're supposed to reflect on all the nice things our father's have done for us. But what about all the things we do for them? Here are some of the nicest things I've done for my dad:

  1. I hit baseball after baseball for him just so he could practice pitching them to me.
  2. I spent years playing basketball, eventhough I was never any good, just so he could come watch me play.
  3. I let him change the oil in my car any time he wanted.
  4. I let him fill my car up with gas any time he wanted.
  5. I went with him to any rock concert he wanted to go to. Even the time he begged me to go see Ozzy! (or was that the other way around?)
  6. I took up guitar lessons just so I could teach him what I learned when I got home.
  7. I got him into the car races for free one night (his favorite sport) and then let him drive me home (something about free beer and I had just turned 21... the whole night is still kinda fuzzy!)
  8. I didn't trade him in for a kitten when I was little like I wanted to.
  9. I let him pay whenever we go out to eat because it makes him feel good!
  10. I gave him 3 happy, healthy grandchildren and even named one after him and made him... The Godfather!

Happy Father's day, Dad! Thanks for everything!


Jen said...

What a cute post, Peggie!
I love the picture.

Chaos Mommy said...

Thanks, wish I had one from when I was little, but all my pics are in the back of my garage right now!

Anonymous said...

Funny! And what a sweet picture!


Chaos Mommy said...

Hey, Linda! Thanks for checking in! It's nice to see your name!

Amber said...

Very cute! Love the picture!