Friday, June 23, 2006

Meet Sam!

As I am getting ready for tattoo number two, I thought I'd introduce everyone to number one! I love him so much. He's me, but smaller. Louisa was two when I got him and she named him Sam. So everyone, here's Sam the Dragon!
Isn't he cute?! He was my wedding present. Ok, I got diamond earrings, too, but he's my favorite. My husband has three tatoos and I had always wanted one, but by unfortunate circumstances (not enough cash) I was never able to get one. So he surprised me one day a few days before our wedding with an appointment at a really cool tattoo shop in Milwaukee. One that everyone went to. I knew I wanted a dragon because of my love for all things mythology. But I didn't have anything picked out. When we got there we looked through all the books and pictures and I didn't like anything. We sat there and I was kind of bummed out thinking that it wasn't going to be my day to get one.
At a tattoo shop, in case you've never been to one, the walls are sometimes lined with tons of pictures of artwork the artists have done and more pictures you can choose from for your piece. So, just as I was about to abandon all hope of getting my tattoo because I didn't like anything, I saw him! He was right in front of where we were sitting the whole time, and he jumped out at me at the last minute before I had decided to call it a day. He was grumpy and cute and the perfect color (although any artist is happy to alter any picture). Everything was right about him. He took two and a half hours. Two and a half hours of an amazing artist buzzing away at my back. It was great! I sat there, with my future husband being VERY proud of how I could handle the pain. (He passed out the first time he was inked!) And hey, I'd already been through child birth.
My parents didn't mind at all. They, in fact, think he is really cool. My mom has a small tattoo on her chest from way back when that was THE thing to do. And after a few drinks, so I've been told!
Sam is located on my lower back on the left side. I was too much of a wimp to get it in the middle and that was also right before ass-toppers were so popular.
Now I'm seriously contemplating tat number two. I'm excited! My friend in Georgia has five, I think, including the hugest Celtic cross on her rib cage! Talk about being able to handle the pain! You go Girl!
So at some point I'm going to post some pics and get feedback as to what is cool. I want a fairy, and tattoo artists HATE doing fairies! They do them daily and they are not very challenging. But they're so pretty and I really wanted something more girly this time.
Until then, what tat's or piercings does everyone have? I'd love to hear about them!

**Note: I just realized that in this post I spelled "tattoo" wrong every time I wrote it! How embarassing that the main point of my post I spelled wrong every single time! I have gone through and corrected it and hopefully caught them all. That' s what you get when you type so late at night after not getting much sleep the night before! Thank you all for bearing with my huge typo and I hope it never happens again, at least, not that many times on the same word, over and over again.


Chaos Mommy said...

This is what my friend from Georgia with the "5 tattoos" emailed to me today:

"Okay, so I only have 4 tats, and two are combined, so I really technically only have 3… you are so funny! But thanks for the tough comment- cause sometimes I’m really a wuss " ~Jennifer

snowflake said...

I love Sam. Always wanted a tattoo but have a strong aversion to needles.... You, Roe and I are really starting to sound like we were seperated at birth.... :)

Chaos Mommy said...

Thanks, Snow! I can't wait to get my next one! I want it to be a surprise for when hubby gets back, so I'd better get moving!

Jen said...

Cool tattoo!
I'm not brave enough for that!

Anonymous said...
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