Sunday, June 04, 2006

Playground Woes

What is it about playgrounds that annoys me? The screaming kids running around? Or maybe the kids causing mischief with parents nowhere in sight? Or how about the parents who sit and talk on their cell phones the entire time, not once looking up to see what their kid is doing? Oh, I know! It's the clique-y moms in their perfect little playgroups with their perfect little children who act like they own the playground and we're intruding.
Nothing annoys me more at the playground than those moms who think they have complete rights to all play equipment and if my kids want to play they have to stand in line BEHIND theirs. All of theirs! Well because, they are in a group so it makes sense that they all go down the bumpy rolly slide first. And after all, their kids are so well behaved and mine are.... well, you know...
Ya right, one of those well behaved kids just pushed another kid down and called him a Dumb Ass! Wonder which perfect parent he got that phrase from!
At least I admit that I swear like a drunken sailor and my kids get it from me. Well, one kid gets it from me. I'm trying really hard, though! I've cut swears down to fricken, holy crap, and my personal favorite, Son of a Who Ha! (I mean, I highly doubt the kids even noticed when I flipped that lady off the other day on the way to the grocery store.)
So the next time you're at the playground with your kids and your playgroup, remember the little guy. The lonely little mommy who maybe just doesn't have as many friends as you do. Maybe she lives in a town where you have to live in a certain tax bracket to join the playgroups. Maybe every friend she's ever had has stabbed her in the back and she has trust issues. Just because there is a mom at the park **GASP** by herself with her kids (I know, it's ok, you can lie down for a little while!) doesn't mean she has a communicable disease. Maybe just say, Hi! I know it's kind of old fashioned and yes, your friends will look at you strange and may whisper behind your back, but you'll make someone's day and maybe even a new friend!


Amber said...

You tell them Peggie!!! Some day we will go to the park and include every little lonly mommy there...that is why I go to the park at the crack of dawn...nice and quite and rejection free!

Vicky said...

If only lived closer.... :)
I loved in the first paragraph about the kids causing mischief with the parents nowhere to be found. I've often thought to myself while I see those kids "where is your mommy?" :)