Monday, June 26, 2006

I Feel So Special

I got a personal invitation today from Donald Trump himself to attend Trump University! It was addressed: "Dear Homemaker". Isn't the word "homemaker" supposed to be outdated? Obviously someone on his marketing or research team didn't do their job.
So now apparently, The Donald is offering online university classes to teach "homemakers" his secret to success because according to him, he's not afraid of competition. And of course the university is taught only by the worlds best professors. Because they don't already have tenure at Harvard or Berkely.
I wonder what Donald's purpose is in recruiting "homemakers"? Are we the suckers that are desparate enough to waste our money on his online course? Personally, if I did an online university, I'd rather pick the University of Phoenix or DeVry or someone with a good reputation for online classes. And I also would prefer not to give a multi-billionare my very hard earned money.
But hey, I do wish Donald all the success in the world with his new venture. Just stop calling me a "homemaker"!


Jen said...

Oh good lord - scrap it! I want to see a scrapbook page from this!

Chaos Mommy said...

ROFL!!! :D